Scottish Loch

Services & Business Areas

Alba Associates will focus upon offering the following services to the market:

  • Collaborative Network Events: Collaborative networking encourages businesses to meet and explore opportunities for mutual interest. Enabling them to offer a broader range of services to their clients. They are designed for new and mature businesses.

  • Business Assist Project: Business Assist projects are activities undertaken on behalf of a University. The paid activities are to identify eligible businesses, liaise with and design appropriate action plans which are forwarded to university staff to deliver 'assist'. The activities are based upon third parties achieving funding via European and/or regional funding.

  • Educational & Training Projects: Alba Associates have drafted three projects aimed largely at addressing education progression frameworks within further/higher education. These drafts are based on previous employment experience gained whilst working for OCNEMR. PALST (Progression for Adult Learners in Science and Technology) and Bridging the Gap are projects aimed at attracting funding from either Regional Development Funding or Higher Education Funding.

    Alba Associates would manage, deliver and evaluate frameworks which would include liaising with providers (HE and FE), Sector Skills Council, Employers organisations, regional education and training bodies/agencies as well as project sponsors. The project would utilise other freelance support in the delivery of the projects