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What is Collaborative Networking?

Collaborative Networking is aimed at new and mature businesses that wish to meet & explore opportunities with other like minded businesses. The aim of the event is to extend the range of services and products that the business can offer to their clients, by looking at mutual benefits, rather than just trying to sell a single product to another business.

Alba Associates encourage collaborative networking by organising networking events where interested business can be carefully matched with suitable businesses or freelancers.

The organisers offer a 'introduction service'. They ensure that businesses are introduced to those businesses that would be of interest. Rather than people standing about, trying to break the ice or just spending time on small talk, this service matches the businesses up and gives the introduction needed to start meaningful exchanges. It aims to make networking easy, hassle free and focused.

Collaborative networking events allow businesses to identify:

  • freelances who are able to address short term skills gap
  • business partners who are able offer new and complementary services and produces
  • business partners to explore collaboration for future tenders or proposals
  • business partners that can assist in addressing unmet clients needs that cannot be provided internally

Equally important, the events are not about sales staff trying to sell their products nor are they about sitting around and drinking. Alba Associates recognises the cost incurred by the business in attending these events; therefore there must be a return on the businesses time and investments.