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Wired City Reconnected in Lincolnshire

Alba Associates is exploring the opportunity of extending Wired City Reconnected activities into Lincolnshire initially, whilst also covering the Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Newark and other parts of the East Midlands and Humberside. As a Lincolnshire-based business, with a record of delivering sector-specific events and online activities for the digital/creative/ICT businesses in the North West, we now looking to bring our collaborative networking opportunities to the East Midlands.

When you look around in the East Midlands, there has been some provision for collaborative networking in Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire - but nothing yet in Lincolnshire. Therefore, to start the ball rolling we have now created a Lincs Wired City Reconnected LinkedIn Group, and would like to invite you to join us...

What would Lincs Wired City Reconnected offer businesses?

Firstly, Wired City Reconnected aims to foster 'collaborative' networking events and other activities specifically designed for the digital, creative and ICT businesses – for those with an interest in potential business/technical collaborations, or just an opportunity to share experiences and exchange ideas. We are currently looking to identify potential sponsors and venues for a future Wired City Reconnected event in Lincoln in late May/June.

Secondly, the Lincs WCR LinkedIn Group will generate the opportunity to seek out potential partners for 'collaborative' networking where your business can address the...

  • Need to address current skills gap (outsourcing or seeking freelance support),
  • Possible areas of collaboration with others business to meet new or current client’s needs – technical requirement beyond the in-house expertise or
  • Desire to work with partners whose clients work within a particular sector (looking for business in the hospitality , advanced manufacturing or retail for example).

This 'Calls for Collaboration' service will be free to digital/creative/ICT businesses in Lincolnshire and the surrounding area.