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Digital Matters

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Digital Matters - Business Development Programme

Wired City Reconnected is working in partnership with Manchester Digital Development Agency and Manchester Digital to organise and deliver Digital Matters - a business development programme for small and medium-sized, digital & creative media and ICT businesses in Manchester.

The focus for these (and future) events is to enhance the network member's ability to minimise the effect of the credit crunch, by improving their marketing potential and performance without incurring additional expenditure.

As we are working and competing in one of the worst economic downturns, it is imperative that Greater Manchester businesses are leaner, more responsive and are able to operate in a wider range of arenas, in order to retain work and win new business.

Therefore, the Digital Matters events have been designed to encourage businesses to review and reflect upon their own in-house skills and approach, with the goal of enhancing and fine-turning these resources to maximise their own potential.

This seasons FREE events are: